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From the Seller:

“One of my favorite things about the location of this home is how easy it is to get around. If I need to quickly drive to Northern Virginia or Maryland, there’s no issue. All the major routes are just close enough where I don’t have to worry about congestion, which many neighborhoods less than a mile away have to deal with daily. Plus, I can walk to everything I need: grocery, shops at every tier, and entertainment. I’m really going to miss Ivy City.”

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H Street

As recently as the early 2000s, H Street was a neighborhood in shambles. It had begun its decline during WWII and was severely damaged during the 1968 riots following Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. Building fronts were boarded up for decades.

H Street, one of Washington’s earliest and most significant commercial districts, is now a booming hot-spot for a night out in D.C. Favored by the bohemian crowd, H Street is home to the Atlas theater, clubs, burlesque shows, art studios, live music venues, restaurants and bars.

In the mid 2000s, based on a planning effort initiated by the District of Columbia Office of Planning, recovery began in earnest, including a 22 million dollar renovation of the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Organization of the neighborhood allowed for a three-district division: the Urban Living district, the Central Retail District, and the Arts and Entertainment district. It was the Arts and Entertainment district, located between 12th and 15th Streets NE, that rejuvenated the district as a popular night out spot.


Trinidad, once land owned by James Barry who had lived on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, was owned by Columbian University (later renamed George Washington University) for a time before changing hands and becoming the property of the Washington Brick Machine Company. Parcels of land began to be sold off as residential communities and the streets of Trinidad became a quiet neighborhood shaded by leafy trees.

It has quickly become a sought-after neighborhood for buyers looking to take advantage of the close proximity to the burgeoning arts and entertainment district the H Street Corridor has become. The landscape of the neighborhood continues to change as more developers and handy consumers leave a modern mark on the neighborhood. The neighborhood’s history is a dynamic one and has resulted in a unique collection of homes, as gut-renovations and condo conversions stand in contrast next to century-old colonials.



Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern & Market 5 minutes

Planet Fitness 5 minutes

Big Chief 5 minutes

Dock FC 5 minutes

Panda Chinese 5 minutes

MOM’s Organic Market 6 minutes

Bikram Hot Yoga 6 minutes

Ari’s Diner 6 minutes

Crossfit Hierarchy 7 minutes

T.J. Maxx 8 minutes

Ulta 8 minutes

Nike 8 minutes

Pidza 8 minutes

Atlas Brew Works 10 minutes

Union Market 15 minutes

H Street Corridor 18 minutes

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